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Do any of the following apply to your organisation?

Performance Problems

Not producing at the right levels or moving towards your goals fast enough may have a number of underlying causes but typically they boil down to external factors such as market demand for your products and services or your organisation's internal effectiveness.

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Problems Resulting From Strong Growth Or Sudden Maturity

Whether growth has occurred organically or through merger/acquisition, organisational dissonance is often the result. Problems also arise when small organisations, once nimble and adaptable, are forced by growth to adopt more formal processes and a layer of bureaucracy.

Staff Not Working to Their Full Potential

People can be struck down by change fatigue, feel that they are suffocating in an unproductive culture or perhaps your organisation is not simply not motivating them to perform. Whatever the cause, high churn rates and poor performance are expensive and unnecessary fro the company and bad for the individual.

Management Team In Need of Reinforcement

Management teams may need to be temporarily reinforced for all sorts of reasons:
  • A temporary vacancy has arisen
  • Venturing into new territory requires different expertise
  • A step change in required performance means that additional bandwidth is needed
  • An independent point of view is needed.
Interim management is an effective and affordable response.

Restructuring or Undergoing Significant Change

Change is notoriously difficult to get right. It has been estimated that 70% of change initiatives fail to meet their original objectives. To tackle change successfully requires experience and know-how which cannot be picked up overnight. Better to use a specialist who can navigate you through difficult waters.

Projects and Programmes in Trouble

Programmes and projects can go off the rails for a myriad of reasons. Even if they deliver on time and within budget, the achievability of the promised benefits is often questionable.

Preparing for Merger or Acquisition

As with change initiatives, the majority of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures do not produce the results which were anticipated at the time of approval. Whether the objective of bring two organisations together is growth, geographical expansion, plugging a gap in capability or product line, expertise in orchestrating such an endeavour is in short supply and rarely exists in the home team.

Need Help With Strategy Setting

Organisations today exist in a volatile mileu of increasing regulation, global competition, economic disarray and disruptive innovation.Yesterday’s winning formula is no guarantee of continued success. Yet strategies tend to evolve incrementally and are often based on what has worked well in the past. No surprise then that strategy and the business environment are not always in alignment. What is needed to exploit external volatility, is a strategic direction which is clearly understood and the ability to anticipate events and adapt to the external environment as it changes.

Through scenario planning, we provide you with the ability to anticipate the future and plan contingent actions. With strategic dynamic modelling we provide you with insight into:
  • Why performance has followed the path that it has
  • Where performance is heading under current policies
  • The effect of environmental factors on your organisation’s performance
  • What changes will alter future performance for the better

Through modelling and simulation we give you the capability to test ideas for change in a safe environment.

Objective Advice Needed

When starting a new initiative, rolling out a new policy, kicking off a project or programme, or alternatively assessing a negative situation, having an experienced executive to act as a sounding board, assess readiness or diagnose a problem can set you on the best possible footing,ensuring that all the angles have been covered and ultimately, your investment is not wasted.

Our comprehensive range of interim management and consultancy services have been designed to deal with precisely these kinds of problem.

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