Vision and Values

The intention in establishing Au Fait Management, was to create a small ecosystem of highly accomplished professionals with complementary skills who could not only offer highly effective consultancy, but were experienced and capable enough to deliver the results as interim managers. The Au Fait values are simple: we aim to be renowned for
  • High value, high quality work
  • Dealing with fundamental problems, not symptoms
  • Using sensitivity as well as toughness to get the job done
  • Teamwork

Value for Money

Delivering value above and beyond expectations is central tenet of Les’s philosophy. To that end, he is happy to work on a day rate basis which depending on the nature of the work, typically work out at 1% per day of the equivalent permanent annual salary which is less than 50% of what you would pay a big consulting firm.

Alternatively, for a percentage of value delivered or some other form of shared risk and reward arrangement which works for you, the customer. Alternatively Les is happy to tailor the offer to the available budget.

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