Case Studies

The following are examples of Les’s work.

Change Leadership at Transport for London

  1. Initially engaged to assess and diagnose an underperforming business process intended to generate £50 million of road network improvements yearly, but actually delivering less than £15 million, Les identified a number of necessary changes to organisation, people, process and supporting technology. These were packaged into a change programme which Les then led on behalf of the Chief Operating Officer - Streets. Key features of the initiative were: working with staff and trade unions to reorganise 1170 people from four directorates into three; improving skill levels in selected key competencies thereby reducing reliance on consultants and contractors; simplifying business process and achieving a step change improvement in delivery through the application of Lean principles. The firm yet collaborative nature of consultation with the trade unions was singled out for praise by the chief trade union negotiator. Under Les’s direction, the project went on to address the accuracy of time recording and project controls through the introduction of the SAP Portfolio Management suite, its integration with the SAP Financials, HR and Business Warehouse modules and further changes to business process.
  2. Les took over the LondonWorks programme at Transport for London which was seen to be in trouble and not delivering. Originally focussed on building an IT system, this £15 million programme was reoriented to introduce a common set of working practices to be adopted by TfL, 33 London Boroughs and up to 140 utility companies all of whom disrupt 20 million journeys per working day by digging holes or carrying out maintenance on London’s streets. The programme’s main objective was to optimise the flow of traffic by coordinating road and street works. Although timely delivery of a new IT system was a key success factor, the change challenge was significant as it required the establishment of consensus across a wide range of stakeholder groups all of whom had competing agendas – especially in the area of agreeing financial charges. Significant pressure also resulted from the need to meet key dates laid down by legislation. After 8 months concentrated effort, the programme was on course to meet all key objectives. Largely due to the change activities, it was cited as the reason for TfL being awarded ‘Highway Authority of the Year 2005’ and also resulted in congratulatory letters from a number of commercial organisations to London’s Mayor.

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