Case Studies

Programme Director

  1. Acting in the role of portfolio manager at Transport for London, Les took responsibility for two programmes introducing bus transit routes to the Thames Gateway regeneration area with a combined budget exceeding £70 million and a pipeline of future phases amounting to £150 million. The environment is complex, with key stakeholder groups including the public, Central Government, several London Borough Councils as well as various TfL directorates delivering the capability and advanced transport technology. Key challenges included land acquisition problems, negotiations with developers and councils and effective branding of the package. Les introduced new ways of managing the difficulties of dealing with such a diverse stakeholder group and introduced a number of changes to programme and project management practices to reduce risk, improve financial control, improve supplier relationships and created a more realistic plan - all of which helped to increase the chances of success significantly.

  2. Reporting at Exel Group (worldwide) board level, delivered the Supply Chain Integrator programme. This involved re-engineering a third party logistics package to reproduce in-house functionality and a licencing arrangement whereby the package provider was paid for each transaction. In addition to delivery of the programme, Les was responsible for the commercial success of the deal and negotiated the pricing model which was rolled out on 5 continents. Having identified weaknesses in the business case, he took action which resulted in the establishment of a global sales office, jointly manned with the package supplier to accelerate new customer acquisition. Introducing the new product required changes to working practices in all affected countries and the migration of 24 global customers onto the environment. To achieve the expected benefits of changes to working practices and better quality information, the establishment of regional change networks and the sharing of lessons were key to a successful rollout.

Post Merger Rationalisation

Les operated as a trouble-shooter for the director of the retail arm of a major UK mobile phone company, addressing the problems resulting from a policy of growth through acquisition which had resulted in over 40 overlapping and inconsistent initiatives. Les oversaw the rationalisation of structure, people and process ultimately resulting in an integrated and balanced business unit.

Further evidence of Les’s experience and achievements can be found in
his cv and in this summary.

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